Coffee Packaging Machine

Types of Coffee Packaging Machine:

Drip Coffee Bag Packing Machine

Drip coffee bag packaging machine can be used for ground coffees such as Honduran, Brazilian, Vera, Guatemalan and Arabica coffee, as well as other small grain products. The same applies to the outer packaging of drip coffee bags. mainly suitable for filling coffee powder into instant drip coffee bags.

Instant Coffee Packaging Machine

Instant coffee packaging machine is suitable for packaging coffee powder, matcha powder, protein powder, chili powder, seasoning powder, cocoa powder, and other granular products. It adopts a screw feeding and measuring cup to ensure the accurate weight of filling.

Coffee Bean Packaging Machine

Qindian coffee bean packaging machine is specially developed and produced by Qindian Packaging Machinery for coffee whole bean coffee packaging. It is not only suitable for packaging coffee beans, but also for candy, melon seeds, potato chips, pistachios, peanuts, and other kinds of granules, flakes, strips, and irregular shapes. 

Coffee Capsule Packaging Machine

K-cup Coffee capsule packaging machine is specially designed for coffee products or other powder products that need to be filled and sealed, such as tea powder, cocoa powder, milk powder, etc.
The coffee capsule packing machine is equipped with world-renowned electrical and pneumatic components, all parts in contact with the powder are made of 304 stainless steel and equipped with the PLC touch screen in the multi-language version.

Coffee Pod Packaging Machine

A Coffee Pod Packaging Machine is a specialized equipment used for packaging coffee pods. These machines are designed to efficiently and accurately fill, seal, and package coffee pods in a variety of sizes and shapes.