Tea Pouch Packing Machine

Qindian Packaging is a company dedicated to automatic tea pouch packaging, with many invention patents. The company promises to do its best to meet your packaging needs. A lot of research has confirmed that tea contains chemical components that are closely related to human health. Tea has refreshing, weight loss, sobriety, and other pharmacological effects, but also on modern diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, radiation sickness, and other diseases, have certain pharmacological effects. It can be seen, in the tea’s pharmacological efficacy the many, the role of a wide range.

Tea Pouch Packing Machine Description:

1. what is the bagged tea?

Bagged tea is a very popular way to make tea today, easy to brew, and no need to dispose of tea leaves residue. Nowadays, there are various packaging methods and packaging materials for bagged tea, such as ultrasonic triangle bag packaging, heat-sealed inner and outer bag packaging, etc., which greatly facilitate the carrying and use. Qindian is a company dedicated to tea automatic packaging, with many invention patents. The company promises to do its best to meet your packaging needs.

pyramid tea bag

2. Types of tea pouch packaging machine?

Full Automatic Inner and Outer Triangle Tea Pouch Packing Machine

pyramid tea bag packing machine
pyramid tea bag (2)

The automatic internal and external triangle tea bag packaging machine is the latest product developed with independent property rights by Qindian. Qindian company specializes in producing automatic vertical flexible packaging machines for tea and similar tea raw materials.

The features of the pyramid tea bag packing machine

Full Automatic Tea Bag with Label Packing Machine

tea pouch packing machine

The automatic tea bag packing machine can perform bag manufacturing, measuring, filling, sealing, slitting, counting, and other operations automatically, and it comes with a lifting line device and an original label device. The machine will be used to pack filterable products such as teabags, coffee, Chinese traditional medicine, and greenery, among other things.

Tea Bagged Electronic Scale Pellet Premade Pouh Packing Machine

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