Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine

Qindian Machinery is a tea packing machinery factory with a slew of patents and guarantees to do everything possible to meet your packaging requirements. The automatic internal and external pyramid tea bag packaging machine is one of the best-selling products developed with independent property rights by Qindian Packaging Machinery.

Triangle Tea Bag Packing Machine Description:

1. what is the pyramid tea bag?

The traditional common standard rectangular bagged tea bags are often filled with tea leaves on both sides of the bag, with a cotton thread sewn on the top and a small label hanging from the other end of the cotton thread, which can be hung outside the cup when making tea. Compared to traditional tea bags, pyramid tea bags have a more elegant tea-making experience, allowing the brewer to feel the graceful floating of the moment when tea and hot water mingle. 

pyramid tea bag (2)
pyramid tea bag

First of all, in terms of appearance, a pyramid tea bag, as the name implies, resembles a triangular pyramid and also has a drawstring to facilitate the use of tea brewing. Its fashionable appearance is more appealing to young and dissimilar consumers who have the desire to try to buy it.

Secondly, the surface area of the triangle tea bag in contact with the hot water is bigger and the release effect is better, the traditional tea bag can only have about 1/2 of the contact area, while the triangle tea bag can reach 3/4 of the contact area.

Therefore, triangle tea bags are gradually becoming popular, and the categories of pyramid tea bags are gradually enriched.

2. Technical data of pyramid tea bag packaging machine

Performance Parameter of Triangle Tea Bag Packing Machine

Product model


Tea request

Tea length≤1mm,assumes the platy, otherwise the weighing precision will drop.

Bag paper request

Label line nylon or adhesive-bonded cloth

Packing speed

35-40 bags/min

Total power






Working Process of Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine

3. Features of pyramid tea bag packing machine

triangle tea bag packing machine
pyramid tea bag packaging machine

4. Pyramid tea bag packaging materials

triangle tea bag (2)
triangle tea bag

Pyramid tea bags using imported Japanese environmental protection nylon and non-woven material, is a national safety inspection of non-toxic, bacteria-free, heat-resistant high-quality food-grade filter material, printing by Japan’s imports of non-toxic edible printing ink, and can be 100% degradable, reducing environmental pollution problems.

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