Coffee Bean Packaging Machine

Qindian coffee bean packaging machine is specially developed and produced by Qindian Packaging Machinery for coffee whole bean coffee packaging. It is not only suitable for packaging coffee beans, but also for candy, melon seeds, potato chips, pistachios, peanuts, and other kinds of granules, flakes, strips, and irregular shapes. 

Coffee Bean Packing Machine Description:

1. what is the whole bean coffee packaging?

Whole bean coffee refers to whole roasted coffee beans, which are still in bean form. Whole bean coffee is ground before the hand-brewed coffee is brewed, so it tends to taste fresher and more delicious than pre-ground. The bean also retains more flavor and aroma before it is ground, so it can stay fresher in the pantry for longer.

Coffee Bean Packing Bag

2. Introduction of coffee bean packaging machine

coffee bean filling machine (1)

Qindian coffee bean packaging machine is specially developed and produced for coffee bean packaging, which is a combination of a Z-type tipping hopper loading machine, multi-head electronic combination scale, work stand table, finished product conveyor, and single-station bag feeding main machine, which is a fully automatic coffee bean packaging machine.

3. Features of multi-head coffee bean electronic combination scale

coffee bean filling

4. Features of single-station bag coffee bean feeding packing machine

coffee bean packing machine
Coffee Bean Packaging (3)

5. Recommended models of coffee bean packing machine

Qindian Packaging Machinery has the following models for your choice: QD-420 electronic scale coffee bean packaging machine, QD-520 electronic scale coffee bean filling machine, and QD-60BFZ coffee bean granule packaging machine.

coffee bean packing machine
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