Tea Bag Packing Machine

Types of Tea Bag Packing Machine:

Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine

The pyramid tea bag packing machine adopts a high-sensitivity touch screen, PLC controller control, and simple and quick parameter adjustment. According to the different packaging materials, this machine can do hanging line hanging labels of inner and outer bagged tea packaging. The inner bag is commonly packed with ultrasonic welding and shearing, with a three-dimensional triangle bag and four-corner flat bag. The outer bag adopts heat sealing welding, serrated knife shearing, and three-sided and four-sided sealing. The machine is equipped with four electronic scales with high measuring accuracy.

Tea Pouch Packing Machine

The tea pouch packing machine is installed with a temperature controller, which has good thermal balance. And it is equipped with a PLC servo system and pneumatic control system for high precision and stable performance.
The machine can automatically complete all packaging operations, including metering, feeding, filling, bagging, date printing, filling (venting), and final product delivery. The bag type can be customized according to customers’ needs.

Tea Vacuum Packing Machine

The tea vacuum packaging machine adopts a double electronic weighing system and PID temperature control controller, which can complete the whole vacuum packaging function independently. The machine adopts a PLC controller to control the whole machine action, and the touch screen operation interface is easy to operate, separating human and machine to improve the working efficiency. The inner bag is cut off by a sealing blade to prevent gas from entering, thus ensuring the freshness of the tea.

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