Tea Vacuum Packing Machine

Tea  vacuum packing machine is suitable for black tea, green tea, flower tea, white tea, oolong tea, and many other products. The packaging materials are also various, such as plastic bags, aluminum foil bags, etc. Qindian tea vacuum packing machine can prevent oxidation and mildew, as well as corrosion and humidity, to maintain the quality and freshness of the products in a longer storage time, giving tea tasters the best-tasting experience.

Tea Vacuum Packing Description:

1.Advantages of tea vacuum packaging?

Tea leaves are sensitive to temperature and air, so if there is no vacuum treatment, it is easy to deteriorate and get damp. Therefore, the vast majority of tea leaves in the market choose vacuum packaging. The main function of tea vacuum packaging is to remove oxygen, prevent moisture, prevent high-temperature fermentation, etc., so as to prevent the tea from deteriorating. The principle is also relatively simple, the benefit of the tea vacuum packing machine is to vacuum the air out of the bag, and then sealed it so that the tea is in a vacuum state, and the outside world is in absolute isolation.

tea vacuum packing

2. Application scope of tea vacuum packing machine?

The tea vacuum bag packing machine is suitable for use on various food products, meat products, seafood, fruits and vegetables, pickles, cooling meat, pharmaceutical products, hardware components, medical devices, etc.

tea vacuum packing machine
tea bag packing

3. Technical data of tea leaves vacuum packing machine

Performance Parameter of Tea Vacuum Bag Packing Machine

Product model


Bag side

(W): 55mm (L): 105-120mm

Measuring range

2-15g (Special materials can be ordered separately)

Packing speed

15-18 bags/min

Total power






4. Features of tea vacuum bag packaging machine

5. Details of automatic tea vacuum packing machine

tea vacuum pack machine details
packing film
tea vacuum packing machine

Electronic scale control panel

Precise adjustment of gram weight, easy and convenient operation.

The inner bag transfer device

Separate the tea leaves from the outer bag, hygienic and clean.

Air pressure regulator

Adopt high power vacuum pump, high efficiency, good packaging effect.

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