Drip Coffee Bag Packing Machine

Drip coffee bag packaging machine can be used for ground coffees such as Honduran, Brazilian, Vera, Guatemalan and Arabica coffee, as well as other small grain products. The same applies to the outer packaging of drip coffee bags. mainly suitable for filling coffee powder into instant drip coffee bags.

Drip Coffee Packaging Machine Description:

1. what is the drip coffee filter bag?

Drip coffee filter bags for packaging coffee powder are by far the freshest and easiest way to package coffee. Because the bag is filled with N2 gas (a protective gas), it retains the aroma of the coffee freshly, locks in the flavor of the coffee, restores the coffee’s most original flavor and reduces the flavor lost in transit. In addition, the material of the pouches can be compostable for environmental purposes.

Coffee bag packing
Drip coffee bag

Drip coffee is also very easy to carry. Imagine when you are out and about or sleepy and tired and suddenly want a cup of coffee. All you need to do is tear it open, hang it on your cup and pour in hot water, isn’t that convenient?

2. Features of drip coffee ultrasonic packing machine?

There are two types of drip coffee packaging machines: ultrasonic sealed drip coffee bag packaging and heat-sealed drip coffee bag packing.

Drip Coffee Packing Machine

Shanghai Qindian mainly produce automatic drip coffee ultrasonic packaging machine, This type of packaging machine does not use heat and therefore does not affect the taste of the coffee during the packaging process. Since there is no need for heat at any stage, packaging coffee is usually done using an ultrasonic sealed drip coffee bag packaging machine.

3. Technical data of drip coffee ultrasonic packing machine

Performance Parameter of Drip Coffee Bag Packing Machine

Product model


Inner bag size


Outer bag size


Filing range

3-15g (Other specification

available upon request)

Packing speed

30 bag/min

Total power

220V/50Hz/3. 5KW





Standard Technical Data of Coffee Bag Packaging Machine

4. Features of model drip coffee bag packing machine

QD-18KFC drip coffee bag packing machine uses ultrasonic technology to package coffee efficiently and beautifully. Here we show you the product features.

5. Details of automatic drip coffee bag packing machine

Outer bag guide device

It makes the packaging more exquisite, work more reliably, and maintenance more convenient, which is the preferred packaging form in the current market.

PLC computer control system and Alarm system

Equipped with Siemens display, human-machine interface design, Chinese and English display interface, easy and fast parameter adjustment, easy to operate, easy to adjust, and easy to maintain. The alarm system has an emergency stop function, which greatly guarantees the safety.

Coffee bag packing
Drip coffee bag

Material conveying mechanism

The conveying mechanism can be customized according to different materials, and the speed and weight of the material can be adjusted, with a wide range of applications and long service life.

Ultrasonic sealing device and Bag making system

Ultrasonic sealing, no heat generated during the sealing process makes the sealing edge smoother and more beautiful, which greatly protects the coffee flavor. Stepper motor subdivision technology, photoelectric eye color scale positioning tracking, making the packaging more beautiful and more efficient.

Drip Coffee Packing Machine

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Drip Coffee Packing Machine

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