Automatic Coffee Vending Machine

Automatic Coffee Vending Machine​

Model No.QD308E
Machine Size(H)1930*(D)700*(W)890mm(Including Bar Table)
Net Weight≈180Kg,(Including water chiller)
Rated VoltageAC220-240V,50Hz or AC 110~120V/60Hz;Rated power:2250W,Standby power:80W
Display Screen21.5inches,Multi-finger touch (10 finger),RGB full color,Resolution:1920*1080MAX
Communication InterfaceThree RS232 Serial port,4 USB 2.0 Host,one HDMI 2.0
Operation SystemAndroid7.1
Internet Supported3G,4G Sim card,WIFl,One ethernet port
Payment TypeCash,Mobile QR code,bank card,ID card,Barcode scanner,etc
Water Supply ModeBottled Purified water (19L*3bottles)
Cup Capcity150pcs,cup size o90,12ounce
Cup lid CapacitySingle bucket lid drop, storage capacity of 100pcs
Built-in Water Tank Capacity1.5L
Canister CapacityOne coffee bean house:6L (About 2kg);5 canisters,4L each (about 1.5kg)
Detection FunctionAlert when out of water,cups
Management SystemPC terminal +mobile terminal PTZ management
Dry Waste Tank Capacity15L(300 pcs coffee pod)
Waste Water Tank Capacity12L
Door LockMechanical Lock
Cup DoorOpen automatically after drinks ready
Cup lid DoorSlide up and down manually
Sterilization systemUV lamp for water
Application EnvironmentRelative Humidity≤90%RH,Environment Temperature:4-38℃,Altitude≤1000m
AD VideoYes
AD Light lampYes

QD308E Water Chiller Parameter

Machine Size(H)650*(W)266*(D)300mm
Net Weight≈20Kg
Rated VoltageAC220-240V/50-60Hz or AC110-120V/60Hz,Rated Power 400W,Standby power 10W
Cooling MethodBy compresso
Outlet Water Volume≈10ml/s
Cooling TemperatureInlet water 25°℃ and outlet water 4℃,Inlet water 40℃ and outlet water 8℃
Measuring MethodFlow meter
Releasing Volume/TimeMin≥10ml,Max≤500ml
Function DetectionWater Outlet volume detectioin,Water outlet temperature detection,Cooling temperature detection
Application EnvironmentRelative Humidity≤90%RH,Environment Temperature:4-38℃,Altitude≤1000m
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